About us

Danny and Paul - 1

We are Danny and Paul O'Regan from Schull in West Cork. We are from a long line of fishermen who have lived and fished in Schull and the surrounding areas for over 150 years. 


We didn't follow in the family way and have taken different paths which have brought us to the yoghurt industry. Danny has a degree in dairy science from UCC and has worked in the dairy industry in Europe and Australia for over 25 years. Paul has stayed closer to home and worked in a number of sectors but for the last 10 years has worked as one of Schull's great postal team.


We're excited about the opportunity of making and supplying Ireland's first coconut milk yoghurt. And we're very grateful to the help and advice we have received from the SuperValu Food academy and from the Local Enterprise Office in Clonakilty. And to the people of Schull who have been so encouraging as we've slowly made our way from concept to launch. 


How our brand was born

 About 5 years ago a shipwreck was discovered during a waterworks project in the harbour. A maritime archaeologist was called to the scene and when she dived to explore the wreck, discovered the hold contained coconuts. It's believed the vessel was a pirate ship from the Caribbean. Thus providing the inspiration for Schull and Crossbones