My name is Danny O'Regan and live in Schull in West Cork. I come from a long line of seafaring men and women who have lived and worked in Schull and the surrounding area for over 200 years. 


I  went to school in Schull and later got a degree in dairy science from UCC. At the time jobs were hard to find in Ireland so I moved to England to work as a Cheese Technologist. Three years later I moved to wonderful Copenhagen to work in technical support with a Danish manufacturer of starter cultures (the bacteria used to make cheese and yoghurt). I spent the next 25 years in that industry working in Denmark, Germany, France and latterly in Australia, 


In 2015 I returned to Schull to be closer to my parents who both had a series of serious health setbacks the year before. There isn't much work around here for someone with my background, which is why I chose to start my own little venture, which allows me to put my experience to good use, to be close to my folks and to be able to live in the place that I love.

I'm excited about the opportunity of making and supplying Coconut Treasure - the first and only Irish-made yoghurt alternative. And I am very grateful for the help and advice I have received from many sources in particular the Local Enterprise Office in Clonakilty. And to the people of Schull who have been so encouraging as I've slowly made my way from concept to launch. 

I hope you enjoy Coconut Treasure as much as I enjoy making it.  




In the early 1600's, Leamcon, less than 10km southwest of Schull, was a major haven for pirates. It was a sheltered bay, relatively inaccessible by land and a perfect location to take advantage of the rise in the trans-Atlantic trade at that time. In 1625, a Dutch pirate based in Leamcon, captured an English merchant ship returning from the Caribbean, but for reasons unknown she sank off of Long Island. The wreck of that ship was discovered in 2012 and in its hold, a perfectly preserved treasure of tropical coconuts. These coconuts and the Dutch Pirate are the inspiration behind the name Schull & Crossbones. 


The ancestral home of the O'Regans is the Wester' Calf Island which as you'll see on the map is only a coconut's throw from the site of the wreck.