Cultured Coconut Milk                        from Schull       

Don't look for yoghurt.

Look for Coconut Treasure.

The Chief Pirate

My name is Danny O'Regan and I'd  like to introduce you to an Irish-made dairy-free alternative to yoghurt. We call it Coconut Treasure.


Danny - Colla pier 2

Our Coconut Treasure

Dairy free
Lactose free
Gluten free
Vegan friendly
No added sugar


natural outside

As seen on TV...

Watch John Creedon discuss the 400 year old shipwreck discovered in Schull harbour in 2012 with a very special cargo in the hold. 
(Teaser below - full clip to follow)

The inspiration behind the brand...

"Did you know that Danny is nuts. But coconuts are not.

Coconuts are classified as fruit."