Don't look for yoghurt.

Look for Coconut Treasure.

The Chief Pirate

My name is Danny O'Regan and I'd  like to introduce you to a dairy-free alternative to yoghurt, which I make in Schull, West Cork. I call it Coconut Treasure.


Danny - Colla pier 2

Coconut Treasure is...

Dairy free
Lactose free
Vegan friendly
Contains no added sugar
2 billion probiotics per pot


natural outside

As seen on TV...

Watch John Creedon discuss the 400 year old shipwreck discovered in Schull harbour in 2012 with a very special cargo in the hold. 
(Teaser below - full clip to follow)

The inspiration behind the brand...

"Did you know that Danny is nuts. But coconuts are not.

Coconuts are classified as fruit."